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Mountain West Processing Entry Level Transcription

Posted by Jessica Holbrook | Posted in Transcription


Mountain West Processing

If you are interested in any of the positions, please submit your resume in the body of an email to the email listed with each position and note in the subject line which position you are applying for. It can take up to 1 month to review your application and qualifications, please do not email asking if we have reviewed your information, all requests will be deleted.

We ONLY hire independent contractors residing in the US. You must be a US citizen for all legal positions. For all other positions, you must reside n the US and have the right to work here. We do not hire companies, only individuals.


We have openings in our transcription department for both entry level and experienced transcribers

1.  Entry level – Experienced Typist (Must be proficient with MS Word)

2.  Experienced – Corporate (Must be proficient with MS Word)

3.  Experienced – Medical Seminars (Must be proficient with MS Word)

4.  Experienced – Legal (Must be proficient with Word Perfect)

All experienced positions require that you have or be willing to obtain a digital foot pedal.

Entry level may start without a pedal but will be expected to obtain one within 60 days if the position works out.

Using a pedal enables you to work up to four times as fast as a typist without a pedal.  This allows you to be offered more work.

Legal positions will require a complete background check and finger printing as we do federal court hearings.  Legal pays .50/page for standard 7 days to .75/page for Rush.

Experienced corporate ranges from a low of .40/audio min. to a high of 1.00/audio min. depending on the client you are working with and your level of speed and accuracy.

The lower range of the scale takes into consideration your work will be proofed for accuracy.  The upper range of the scale will be given to those not requiring any proofing with 99% accuracy.

Experienced Medical Seminar ranges between 0.0030/word to 0.0040/word depending on the client you are working with.

Inexperienced without pedal will start at .35/audio minute.  As you progress in speed and accuracy your rate will rise accordingly.

Pay per audio minutes is determined by how many minutes of voice audio you transcribe and is NOT dependent on how long it takes you to do the work.

Example:  .35/audio min = $21.00/audio hr. If you had 60 min of audio, you would receive $21 if it took you two hours to do or if it took you five hrs to do.

All transcribers are reviewed for increases in pay twice monthly, the 15th and the end of the month.

We do not offer computer support for installing and/or running programs.

You will need to have the following in order to do this work.

1.  High Speed Internet Access.

2.  Computer Running Windows XP or Windows Vista.

3.  FTP File Transfer Program like AceFTP – Free

4.  Express Scribe program for audio – Free

6.  Real Player for background with ES – Free

7.  Messenger program like Yahoo Messenger – Free

8.  Microsoft Word, not a compatible, for all work OTHER than legal. You may not use a compatible program and save as a Word doc.  It does not work with our database.

9.  Good quality headset.  Listening to audio through speakers is not acceptable.

10.  Word Perfect for Legal Work. NO compatibles. You may not use a program other than Word perfect and save as a WP doc.  It will not work with our database.

11. Word 2007 must be saved as Word 2003 doc as our database does not accept docx files.

12.  Digital pedal capable of working with TheRecord Player for video payback video if you want to be able to work with video programs.

Should you be accepted for legal work, you will be given access to our decompression software.  It will be a free download.

These positions are Independent Contractor Positions.  We do not withhold taxes.  You will not be eligible for unemployment benefits if you stop working.

You will need to sign an independent contractor agreement as well as a W-9 for IRS.  Legal applicants will be required to fill out paperwork for Department of Justice for background check as well as be finger printed.

We do not allow subcontracting of our work.  If you accept work, you must do it yourself. Any IC found to sub work out will have their contract terminated.

You may not use any type of voice recognition software.  Any IC found to be using voice recognition software will have their contract terminated.

In your response, please address the following:

A:  Transcription experience if any

B:  Whether you have and use a pedal

C.  Availability, day, evening, weekend, overnight

D.  Version of Windows you are using

E.  Version of Microsoft Word (for general) and Version of Word Perfect (for legal) you are using

F.  Type of Internet Connection you have

G.   Your time zone

H.  Hours per week you can devote to this work.

I.   Legal, administrative or secretarial experience if any.

J.  Why you want a work at home position.

Please respond for legal positions to

Please respond for all other positions to hr@mwptrans.com

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