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How to Tell if a Job Listing is a SCAM I see people asking this all of the time. They post links to job postings on work at home forums and ask whether it's a scam or if it's a real job. To help clear up some confusion,...

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TeleNetwork is NOT a scam This blog gets a large amount of traffic from people searching terms like "telenetwork scam" or "is telenetwork legit?" I am here to tell you that teleNetwork is a legitimate...

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About Me

his is a photo of Jessica Holbrook - the author of someplacespecialpizza.net

My name is Jessica Holbrook. I’m 22 years old, married, and a self-proclaimed jill of all trades. I love to research, read, scrapbook, take photographs, play video games, DIY, and so much more. I am a college student and I’m studying Graphic Design but before I decided on that major, I also studied Psychology, Business, and Accounting.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of working from home but just recently, I’ve been offered the opportunity to do it. I cannot tell you how much research I’ve done in the past looking for work at home. My husband lost his job last year and he then told me he would like to work from home. We probably applied for 50 jobs, with at least 30 of them being online. Finally we started getting some results from all the applying and my husband worked as a customer service representative from home for a few months during the holiday season. Since then, he’s decided working from home is not for him but I have discovered that I love it! I have a lot of “eggs in my basket” so to speak. They range from data entry to graphic design and writing. I’m always busy and we are always able to pay our bills.

Due to the crazy amount of scams out there, I wanted to create a blog with daily job leads for legitimate, researched jobs. Everything you see on my blog is 100% researched and legitimate. Some of the jobs might not be your dream job and they might not have the best reputation but I will never post a job that doesn’t pay or charges fees before you even get the job. I ran into too many of those when I was searching for a job and I hated them.

That’s why I started this blog. I want to help people just like me. I want to teach people who want to work at home how to get started and how to avoid scams. I feel that I learned a lot of things the hard way and I’d love to avoid making others do that.

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