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How to Tell if a Job Listing is a SCAM I see people asking this all of the time. They post links to job postings on work at home forums and ask whether it's a scam or if it's a real job. To help clear up some confusion,...

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TeleNetwork is NOT a scam This blog gets a large amount of traffic from people searching terms like "telenetwork scam" or "is telenetwork legit?" I am here to tell you that teleNetwork is a legitimate...

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Families.com Blogger

Posted by Jessica Holbrook | Posted in Writing and Editing

A Families.com Blogger is a paid professional writer who posts regularly on a given topic. A Families.com Blogger writes articles with a minimum of 300 words. Bloggers can blog for many different topics–as long as they have the expertise to write in that subject area. A Families.com Blogger must be versatile, creative, experienced and well informed on their chosen topic. They must have a solid grasp o

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting

Posted by Jessica Holbrook | Posted in Virtual Assistant

Professional prospecting and appointment setting, B2B, work from home, telecommute, independent contractor. This job opportunity entails cold calling or prospecting to set qualified appointments for our clients. Blue Zebra Appointment Setting is a leading, professional appointment setting company. Due to increased demand for our services, Blue Zebra Appointment Setting is now seeking 10 qualified cold calling appoi

Team Double-Click Virtual Assistant

Posted by Jessica Holbrook | Posted in Customer Service, Virtual Assistant

Team Double-Click® is continually seeking administrative assistants who would like to work virtually as virtual assistants and are able to work with a wide variety of clients. Team Double-Click®’s clients may be coaches, speakers, retailers, online retailers, solo-preneurs, ebay retailers, trainers, consultants, medical professionals, business consultants, non-profit organizations, big busine

QuickTate Transcription

Posted by Jessica Holbrook | Posted in Transcription

Typing for Quicktate Who we are We transcribe voicemail messages, memos, letters and other documents. The voicemail message files average 1-2 minutes in length, while the other recordings are typically longer. What we require 1. Accurate spelling and punctuation. 2. Typists that know how to follow instructions. 3. Typists that can listen to voice files and accurately type what they hear. 4. Speed. You don’

Ver-A-Fast Customer Service Rep

Posted by Jessica Holbrook | Posted in Customer Service

Customer Service Representative How would you like to work from the comfort of your own home; enjoy flexible hours; use your personal computer to help us meet our clients needs? Sound too good to be true? Think there’s a catch? Well there isn’t. As you can see from our home page, we work primarily with the newspaper industry. Our customer service representatives work from their homes making

GPS Handheld are giving guardians another level of wellbeing and security

Why Are There Still So Many Jobs? - National Review

Why are there still so many jobs? Given how rapidly technology has marched forward, why can't the machines do all our work for us? The economist David Autor, one of the world's leading experts on how technological change impacts the labor market, ...

Why Corporations Are Helping Donald Trump Lie About Jobs - New York Times

President-elect Donald Trump would like everybody to believe that his election is energizing the economy by forcing businesses to create thousands of jobs in the United States. And companies like Sprint seem perfectly happy to go along with this ...

Ruben Diaz cost the Bronx 1200 jobs — and it shouldn't 'feel good' - New York Post

Diaz blew up plans for the mall in 2009 by insisting it provide jobs that pay a “prevailing wage” — refusing anything less than $10 an hour. The notion that “any job is better than no job no longer applies,” he claimed, and never mind that The Bronx ...

Lane Kiffin says he thought juggling two jobs 'would be easier than it was' - Yahoo Sports

Former Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin said he wondered when looking back on Alabama's win over Washington if he was fully invested in the Tide's semifinal victory. Kiffin told ESPN's Paul Finebaum on Monday that he thought balancing his ...

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