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Teletech@Home Customer Service Rep

Posted by Jessica Holbrook | Posted in Customer Service | Posted on 10-09-2009


We have a variety of opportunities and the requirements for each may vary. We will communicate those in the job description and throughout the interview process.

All of our professionals need the following to be successful:


  • A strong commitment to quality
  • Great customer service experience
  • An eagerness to learn new skills
  • Commitment to a minimum of 20 hours per week (you will provide your individual availability)

Work Environment

  • Reliably quiet and professional work environment during work periods
  • Ability to pass our technical assessment (we’ll send you a link)
  • Working alone while handling your calls/work

It will make it easier to pass if you have a reliable personal computer. There are some specific requirements it should meet, which you can view at: http://www.workbooth.info/requirements/.

Subscription to a reliable high-speed ISP service which has bi-directional speeds of 256kb or more and which is neither a wireless nor satellite internet connection. A wireless connection within the confines of your home is acceptable as long as your DSL or cable connection is “hard-wired”.

Ability to be on the Internet and on the phone at the same time without the use of a cell phone or VoIP phone. The telephone must be a corded, traditional telephone. No cordless, cellular/wireless or VoIP (e.g., Vonage, AT&T, CallVantage).

You must be comfortable disabling all phone features before each work shift.

What we Provide You:

  • Excellent training to ensure you are ready for that first customer contact or back-office task.
  • The WorkBooth CD that will connect you to everything you need to be successful – including your supervisor!
  • A corded headset with a noise-canceling microphone. The headset must be plugged into a corded telephone to allow you to work hands-free.


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